Sunday, August 12, 2012

I just wanna scream!

Things around here have just been CRAZY!  I have so many things that I want and need to do and nothing is getting done.  Mr. J is working extra days this week to pay for the new truck we purchased earlier this week and I'm stuck with canine duty.......and it's starting to SUCK!  Cooper, our new and fourth pup has a knack for finding something to drag up to the house every time he goes out.  Sometimes it's a bird or part of a bird, sometimes it's a mouse or mole but yesterday it was a dead rat!  And I don't mean a mouse, I mean a rat, a big freakin' rat!  So now, when he goes out it's on the end of a leash and whose on the other end.......ME!  He has fooled me outside too many times this morning already and I'm getting awful tired of it.  Sorry, needed to vent a little.

And with all the rain we've had here lately the grass is already over our ankles is some areas of the yard.  So that means that I will be spending a few hours in the hot humid sun mowing the lawn this afternoon.  Sooo not what I had planned today, but oh well, maybe a little time outside and nothing but the sound of that John Deere engine is just what I need right now.

Oh and my scraproom, well, it's on hold for a while, at least until Mr. J has time to attach the top to the dresser and add the trim.  Once that's done I can start painting.  I chose crisp linen white for the furniture and will most likely add some pink and/or black accessories.  I was cruising Pinterest this week and found this wood jumbo button wall decor made from an old cheese board!  You can check our the link HERE 

Don't you just love it!  I just gotta have one for my scraproom wall.  So you can bet that the next time my mom and I are out thrifting that I will be on the lookout for one!  Thanks for stopping by and I will try to post some pics of my room later in the week.