Monday, July 28, 2008

A quick card

Can you believe it? My scrap table is still covered in supplies left over from the stamp challenge over at Use Your Stash which I WON!!! If you haven't had a chance to check 'em out yet I urge you to do so. Next month they are having another challenge with prizes. Margo, I'm talking to you since you are my one and only reader. LOL.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 7

Our week of adventures with Chloe have finally come to an end. Yep, mom called to let us know that she was on her way home so Kyle and I loaded up the car to meet her. I know you're probably thinking we're glad to get rid of our little house guest and the answer is, YES, we are. LOL. Although it was loads of fun having a new pup in the house again, the simple fact is - it's a LOT of work! After Blue passed away we thought several times about getting another pup but after dog sitting Chloe for a whole week - we have changed our minds. Yes, we are going to miss our little house guest but it's good to get back to some sort of normalcy. Besides, it's not like we don't already own a dog or two.

Here' one last picture of Chloe to remember her by.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oops forgot to post Day 6

Kyle mowed the lawn yesterday so we sort of all stayed outside for the first part of the day and by the time we came in Chloe was all tuckered out and slept most of the afternoon. That's when I get the urge to want to just keep her forever but the slightest noise or movement wakes her up and she gets a second wind and there's no peace in the house for the next couple of hours. LOL. Yep, as much as I'm going to miss her, she is going back just as soon as my mother returns home from the beach!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 5

Chloe got her first taste of bacon and eggs this morning and LOVES IT!!! My mother is going to be upset with me when she gets back because she specifically said not to give Chloe anything but dry food - but how can I eat in front of her and not give her a little something. LOL. She thinks she is one of the big dogs now. LOL.

Here's another pic I snapped of her yesterday that I forgot to share.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 4

Well day 4 started just after 6 a.m. with a walk and no drama to speak of - thank goodness. And she only tinkled in the house once today. We put up a gate so that we can keep her confined in the kitchen and laundry room where the floors are much easier to clean. It works out well as long as someone is in the room with her, if not she scales the gate and she and I play a quick game of chase which I end up winning every time. lol.
That red in her eyes is actually the devil coming out in her. lol. Just kidding, I purposely left it in there because I think it suits her after the last few days of hell she has put us through.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 3

The day started out the same as the last two with me getting up at 7 a.m. to walk the puppy. As soon as we stepped out the back door I noticed an injured bird on the sidewalk and as I stood there for a moment contemplating on what to do with it - Chloe spotted it and grabbed it in her mouth and took off running with me behind yelling NO! NO! NO! BAD DOG! BAD DOG! The next thing I knew she had eaten the ENTIRE bird! YUCK! I was amazed and disgusted at the same time.

On a good note, she only peed in the house twice today. Here's hoping that tomorrow will be a little better.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Babysitting Day 2

Hello, Kyle here. I am Jan's one and only super awesome son. She is tired and asked me to make her post for today covering the events of Babysitting the week long event.

Since she is not here posting herself you can figure it has been a very long and hectic day. It was said yesterday that the dog was pretty well behaved to a certain, not so. The dog peed in the house 5 times. Once in my room of all places.

The dog whines all the time. My mom likes to leave the dog in my room because she terrorizes the other animals. In fact our cat Zoey has been seldom seen for the past 2 days. When the dog is in mine room all she does is whine and cry about being locked up. Only after 2 hours or so does she settle down. Even then it is easily disturbed with me moving in my chair the wrong way.

The door is closed to my room so a lot of sounds are muffled and my nerves are much more temperamental than my mothers, and I am getting quite annoyed.

I can only pray that day 3 will be a little better ^_^

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm babysitting: Day 1

This is my mom's new pup - Chloe. Mom is at the beach for the next week and I'm dog sitting Chloe until she gets back. I picked her up last night and so far it's been good, she hasn't messed up the house once. I've learned quick though, that once she eats, it's time to take her out. I fed her this morning and within minutes she was in my craft room, of all places walking in circles - I've raised enough pups to know what that means. Luckily we made it out in the nick of time. Right now, I have to keep her separated from the other dogs because she's a puppy and all she wants to do is play and chew. Tommy and Lulu - not so playful, if you know what I mean.
Don't you just love those big blue eyes?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Card from scraps

Made this card from the scraps that were leftover after creating my layout for the Use Your Stash stamp challenge below.
Here are the specs: Cardstock: Kraft - The Paper Co. PP: Momenta, Provo Craft and American Crafts. Stamps: flourish - Autumn Leaves, dragon fly and french script - Stampin' Up, photo corners - KIMemories. Flower: Bazzill.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stamp Challenge at Use Your Stash

Let me just say that I am pleased as punch with this layout. Those of you that know me, know that I don't get to use pink that often unless it's a Lulu layout. So I had fun, fun, fun creating this page of my niece, Nikki and her new pup, Spanky. I used 4 different stamps on this layout - some had never even been inked before. After I added my title to the page I thought it looked too white so I stamped over it with a french script background stamp and I stamped over the little prima flowers also with the same stamp. Hope you like.

Here are the specs: Stamps: French script - SU, straight and zig zag stitch - Sassafras Lass and flourish - Autumn Leaves. Cardstock: Kraft - The Paper Co. PP: American Crafts, Momenta and Provo Craft. Brads and Eyelets: Making Memories. Chipboard Letters: Thickers - American Crafts.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I made this card for the stamp challenge over at Use Your Stash using the grid technique tutorial found here.

Here are the specs. Stamps: Sunflowers, Script and Itty Bitty background. Cardstock: SU and The Paper Co. Button: Jesse James - (ladybug). Ribbon: Offray.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Carnival bear

This cards brings back some fond memories for me. Do you remember going to the carnival as a child and trying to bust balloons with a dart, or perhaps waiting for that special duck to come floating around with the magic number on the bottom so you could win a prize. Well I do, and I remember wanting to spend all my dad's money trying to win one of those brightly colored stuffed animals that you could probably buy cheaper than you could win. Anywho, that's where the inspiration for this card came from.

Okay, so here are the specs.
Cardstock: Kraft. Stamp: Stampin' Up (Button Bear) - retired. Pattern paper: Basic Grey (Pheobe Collection). Ribbon: Offray. Buttons: Making Memories and Autumn Leaves.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, July 4, 2008

How to line an envelope.

Someone asked that I do a little tutorial on how to line an envelope. So please bear with me because this is my first one - tutorial that is. Corey my friend, this is for you.

Step 1. Measure the width and length (from tip of flap to the bottom) of envelope.

Step 2. Cut pattern paper slightly smaller in width ONLY and place inside envelope.

Step 3. Flip envelope over and lightly trace the edge of the flap onto your paper. I usually skip this part and just start cutting but for this tutorial I marked it in red and removed the paper from the envie so that you can see where I cut.

Step 4. Remove pattern paper from envelope - cut where you marked the flaps and trim 1/2 inch off the bottom.

Step 5. Slide your pattern paper back into your envelope. Fold flap over and adhere paper to the inside of the flap ONLY.

And voila! You should have a perfect fit. By the way, this is a great way to use up some of that old outdated paper that you have buried in your stash!

If you found this tutorial to be helpful, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here's a quick card I made using one of the images I had stamped and colored in last week.

Here are the specs. Cardstock: Bazzill (brown and red) and The Paper Co. (white). Pattern paper: DCWV. Stamp: Rubber Stampede (dog) and Stampin' Up (paw print). Button: Jesse James. Nestabilities: Spellbinders.

Check back later in the week for more.

I've been playing!

Sometimes you just have to say the hell with housework and enjoy yourself, and that's just what I did. I had stamped these images and colored them in last week. Some are stamped on regular cardstock and colored in with EK Success coloring pencils, some with Prisma pencils and baby oil and the others are stamped on watercolor paper and colored in with a cheap set of water-based markers and an aqua pen. Yep, I've been experimenting with some of the tutorials found over at SCS. I still have a lot to learn but I'm having fun practicing! Lots of talented ladies over there so be sure and check 'em out when you get a chance.