Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 4

Well day 4 started just after 6 a.m. with a walk and no drama to speak of - thank goodness. And she only tinkled in the house once today. We put up a gate so that we can keep her confined in the kitchen and laundry room where the floors are much easier to clean. It works out well as long as someone is in the room with her, if not she scales the gate and she and I play a quick game of chase which I end up winning every time. lol.
That red in her eyes is actually the devil coming out in her. lol. Just kidding, I purposely left it in there because I think it suits her after the last few days of hell she has put us through.


Margo :-) said...

But Jan.... she's your baby sister and all baby sisters are suppose to give you hell. LOL ;-)

Jan said...

I suppose you're right. When she's sleeping so peaceful I want to keep her but when she tinkles on the floor and wakes me up before 6 a.m. I want to give her back. LOL.