Saturday, July 19, 2008

Babysitting Day 2

Hello, Kyle here. I am Jan's one and only super awesome son. She is tired and asked me to make her post for today covering the events of Babysitting the week long event.

Since she is not here posting herself you can figure it has been a very long and hectic day. It was said yesterday that the dog was pretty well behaved to a certain, not so. The dog peed in the house 5 times. Once in my room of all places.

The dog whines all the time. My mom likes to leave the dog in my room because she terrorizes the other animals. In fact our cat Zoey has been seldom seen for the past 2 days. When the dog is in mine room all she does is whine and cry about being locked up. Only after 2 hours or so does she settle down. Even then it is easily disturbed with me moving in my chair the wrong way.

The door is closed to my room so a lot of sounds are muffled and my nerves are much more temperamental than my mothers, and I am getting quite annoyed.

I can only pray that day 3 will be a little better ^_^

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Margo :-) said...

Poor Kyle.... hope Day 3 goes better! :-)