Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm babysitting: Day 1

This is my mom's new pup - Chloe. Mom is at the beach for the next week and I'm dog sitting Chloe until she gets back. I picked her up last night and so far it's been good, she hasn't messed up the house once. I've learned quick though, that once she eats, it's time to take her out. I fed her this morning and within minutes she was in my craft room, of all places walking in circles - I've raised enough pups to know what that means. Luckily we made it out in the nick of time. Right now, I have to keep her separated from the other dogs because she's a puppy and all she wants to do is play and chew. Tommy and Lulu - not so playful, if you know what I mean.
Don't you just love those big blue eyes?

1 comment:

Margo :-) said...

Oh wow!!!!!!! What a gorgeous baby!!! Look at those eyes!!!!
Have fun babysitting!! :-)