Thursday, November 12, 2009

I can't believe it's been.............

a month since my last post.  Up until this week, I have been enjoying the cooler temps and have been piddling outside with the hubby.  We are working on clearing the pecan orchard, the pasture behind the house and we're also working on a brick patio so we will have a nice place to grill.  I sorta took a hiatus from the old blogo for a little while but I'm back and will be posting again real soon.

I still design for UYS but this is the last month.  Due to the lack of participation Kimmie and Corey have decided to stop with the challenges at the end of November.  Come January, they will be deleting the site altogether.  Although I will miss the challenges and the blog, I understand and I want to thank them for giving me a chance to design for them - So Kimmie, Corey, thank you, I have truly enjoyed the ride!  You can still find me hanging out at Classy Scrapper and a new site that I found a few months ago called Cookin' Up Creations - it is now my new home on the web.....and Tammy, the owner asked if I wanted to design for her, (toot toot), so of course I said yes.  Right now, we have a Card-A-Day challenge going on at both sites so feel free to pop on over to either one to register and join in.

Here's a few projects that I don't think I've shared yet.


Oh, and did I mention we have a new dog - yeah, I know, like we don't have enough already (roll eyes) but this is the last one, I promise.  Her name is Maddy and she's a little spit fire.  She was headed to the pound and we said we would take her......and I'm here to tell ya, our lives haven't been the same since.  Don't let this innocent face fool ya.......this is one mean pup!

Thanks for looking and I hope you all are enjoying nicer weather than us.

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Kimmie said...

you rock! Im so glad you stuck by Corey and I! Watch out cause i need the challenges so one day you might find me looking over your shoulder