Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring time and Bathroom Remodel

The Dogwood trees are in full bloom, as is the Bradford Pears and my Wisteria bush is going to bloom any day now and will be covered in bees.....and when the wind blows I get the sweet scent of Honeysuckle.  Yep, it's finally Spring here in my neck of the woods and Mr. J has me cooped up in the bathroom hanging bead board paneling, molding and painting.......soooo not fun but I'm already seeing a major transformation! Next week we get to pick out a new sink and I'm torn between a pedestal style sink or vanity.  Right now we have this 50's style cast iron sink that hangs from the wall so anything in my opinion will be an improvement.   We only have a little room to play with so I'm really leaning toward the pedestal sink but Mr. J wants something with counter space as well as storage underneath (roll eyes).

 This is the style of sink I want.

I would even settle for this..........

but unfortunately we don't have a large enough space for it.

Yep, I can already see that Mr. J and I will be fighting over the sink before we even get it installed!  LOL!

Okay, enough talk about bathroom sinks.  I would like to leave you with a couple of photos that I snapped yesterday between projects.  I wish I knew what kind of tree this is......all I know is, it is the ugliest thing in the yard but during the Spring it puts out these pretty pink blossoms and the bees seem to love 'em!

 And how can I resist not sharing a picture of my Tommy boy with pollen up his nose!  LOL!

 Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!


Keith said...

You know I usually take your side on everything. But I will have to side with Mr. J on this one. I think in the long run you will like having the storage. Tommy looks great!!!

Tammy Folk said...

love the pictures happy Tommy is home too!