Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally Friday!

TGIF!!!  It's been a productive week for me.  I've updated my poor old neglected blog TWICE and I managed to complete not one, not two, but THREE layouts this week!!!  And anyone that knows me knows what a major accomplishment that is.  Now I won't mention all the housework that got neglected this week or the mountain of laundry that is waiting on me but hey, even us girls need a break from the same old know what I mean.......dishes, laundry, vacuuming!  If we didn't get a little creative therapy we would go mad.  So here's what I got done this week.

An 8x8 circle layout using Pink Paislee.

12x12 of my favorite now 22 yr. old kid.....I can say favorite since I only have the one.  lol.

And you'll have to wait to see the last one cuz I'm saving it for an upcoming challenge over at CUC but I will leave you with a couple of pics I snapped last night of my two girls.

Here's Mae, Mae, Maddy or Maybelline depending on who's calling her.

And my sweet little angel, Lulu.

Thanks for looking......hope you enjoy your weekend!


Jessica said...

I love that pink circle with those super cute embellishments. Great blog BTW. :)

mommysews said...

You dogs are just so sweet looking. I should take more pics of my pets - but they are really no more cooperative than my kids.

You layouts are great. I love the round one

Shannon said...

Super cute layouts and I love the doggies!!

ScrappingMomOf3 said...

Great job again, Jan. We've loved having you at the 'dango!